Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness Continues with No Million Bucks for Roxy

You know what they say, don't quit your day job. I'm up working late on a sale assignment, with some great March Madness basketball to keep me company. I had a perfect bracket (15 for 15) going into the last game of the night, Illinois (#5 seed) vs. Western Kentucky (#12 seed). At one point in the evening, while UCLA battled it out to overcome VCU, I had noticed in the background that Illinois was down by 17 points and I thought it was over. However, they came back strong at the end of the second half, but lost it (and my million bucks), 76-72.

I guess it's time to start looking for the Second Chance Bracket Busted any of you still have a perfect bracket after the first 16 games?


Mary said...


So sorry you did not have perfect brackets this year. I don't know enough about all the teams to even enter to contests, But knowing that you are so well versed, I was rooting for you. Please keep us posted on the second chance contests...