Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computer Problems

Sorry for my recent vanishing act... over the weekend, my HP Pavillion dv9000 notebook crashed on me for the second time in a year, and is on its way back to Texas for a new motherboard and display hardware and drivers. I'm using its twin, which I purchased back in August after the first crash, but I haven't been good about running everything in parallel so there's a lot of backing up and importing and setting up profiles to be done before things will be back to normal.

I had planned to post "Spring Is In the Air" (and I will soon, I promise) about the weather warming up a bit in the Roxiticus Valley, daffodils starting to peek up from the ground, daylight savings time all making it feel like the cold hard winter (and the depression, both economic and otherwise, that came along with it) is finally coming to an end. We're getting ready for Easter egg hunts, Mother's Day with Alvin Ailey at NJPAC, summer camp for London and Maddie, and opening our beach house in Bay Head. So there's a lot to look forward to over the coming months.

Instead, I'm trying to pull my computer life back together, with little help from the evil Hewlett Packard overlords who couldn't seem to find any documentation on my 4-year extended warranty that covers everything. Thankfully, I finally found an e-mail confirmation on my backup hard drive so they're back on the hook. It brings to mind the conversation I had with HP "customer service" last summer when it seemed a software problem might be to blame for my crash:

HP tech support: "Oh, I don't think your extended warranty plus accidental damage contract covers software issues."
Roxy: "Would it be covered if my notebook accidentally fell out an eleventh floor window in Manhattan?"
HP tech support: "Why, yes, that's what accidental damage coverage is all about!"
Roxy: "I'm opening my window. Would you prefer to solve the software crash damage or the eleven-story-drop crash damage under warranty?"


Ann said...

Roxy, sounds like it is time to buy a Mac. My computer techie husband thinks I should go into sales for Apple.

Sure Mac's are more expensive upfront, but which would you rather have, spend a couple hundred bucks more and know you wouldn't be pulling your hair out due to problems like this or due to viruses?

I converted to Mac about a year and half ago and don't regret it. In that year and a half had no problems, with the exception of the DVD lens getting dirty due to smoke (smoker on the road to trying to quit). Other than that, absolutely nothing. I use my computer hard-core, so it gets heavily used every day and I tend to stress it a bit.

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy!! Huhuhuhu am on a losing streak Roxy but thanks for ur vote. Am back with another BOTB, MPG this time! ;)

Mariuca said...

Anyway am here to vote vote vote!

Mariuca said...

Sorry to hear abt ur laptop dear, hope all gets fixed soon! :)

Karen said...

I have that same laptop. I have had to send it back three times already. ugh.

Mariuca said...

Hey Foxy Roxy!!! I have an award for u, congrats! :):):)

Native American Momma said...

Gah I have a friend who works in a HP distribution center. Your computer is probably being fixed by a certified UPS delivery driver (no joke) and I had to send him your conversation with the tech support He'll be cracking up!

RoxiticusDH said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by while I've had little time or ability to post.

Ann, we actually have two Macs in our household... my husband Rex uses one and London and Maddie share one. Unfortunately, the Mac can't keep up with my business requirements (even using Parallels) so I'm stuck with my hideous user-unfriendly PCs and Windows Vista, the biggest mistake of all. One thing I do find annoying... for all the fun Apple pokes at Microsoft, I've found there are plenty of times that I wish I could CTRL-ALT-DEL my Mac instead of having to unplug it from the outlet to unfreeze the screen.

Karen, I don't remember if I mentioned... I have TWO of these HP notebooks... and as soon as the one comes back from its repairs, I have to send the other one in for recall service on the left hinge. I can already hear it creaking like my left knee when I go up and down stairs.

Mariuca, thanks for the award... when my computer(s) recover, I'll be by in a little black dress to celebrate with you.

Native American Momma, you've saved me a huge amount of time and wasted energy with HP customer service. I'm going to pour my UPS guy a stiff drink on Friday evening and get him to work fixing my notebook instead of having him ship it off to Texas or California in in his truck.

See you soon!

Mike Golch said...

bummer.I guess that's why I just stick to the pcs