Saturday, July 19, 2008

Friday Night Good Cheer: Roxy's Got Her Own Brand of Beer! Thanks, Magic Hat!

I was just making my rounds of the blogosphere, thinking about LadyJava's slogan maker and that "Make it a Mariuca night" has a great ring to it, wishing there was a perfect slogan for Roxy... So I Googled "Roxy," to not much avail, but when I Googled "Roxy Mendham" up popped Magic Hat's winter seasonal ale, Roxy Rolles: a wintry amber ode to the open road, Magic Hat's wintry amber ramble of sweet carmelized malt and spicy hops is for those who make their own roads. Dry hopped with simcoe hops.

What's that? I do believe that's Roxy on her motorcycle right there on the bottle!

Lucky for Rex, who is sleeping soundly next to me, Roxy Rolles is a winter seasonal, so, as much as I'd like to rush right out to the local Bay Head, NJ liquor store and pick up a case, I can't...sweet dreams, Rex, we'll stick to Blue Moon Honeymoon for the rest of the summer.


LadyJava said...

Wohoott.. Your own brand of beer.. how cool is that??

Have a fantastic weekend dearie!!

Ferd said...

With an orange, right? I think I've had a Blue Moon with an orange. Does that sound right? I remember liking it.

You'll have to update us this winter with a picture of your brew. That's way cool!!


I'll take a blue moon and a Roxy Beer. I don't drink beer but what the heck! It's been a week to remember, so why not. LOL

Thanks Roxy!