Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PostBoy and MathGirl: Planning A Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Rex's son, PostBoy, recently announced his engagement to the lovely, gracious MathGirl. They plan to marry in February 2009, followed by a Costa Rican honeymoon.

Since our good friends Brent and Fitz travelled to Costa Rica last summer, they are lending a hand in planning the couple's trip, complete with helicopter volcano tours and ripcord travel through the jungles and canyons.

Brent's first tip is to stay at the Makanda Hotel in Miguel Antonio., and to use Nature Air prop planes to get around the country instead of wasting valuable time driving on the rutted and curvy roads.

We'll be posting about Costa Rica here from time to time over the next six months, and would welcome your comments and suggestions if you've travelled to or live there.