Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Love Dogs and So Do You Presents... Tana

Since Maddie's sister, London, is allergic to most animals, we can't have our own dog at home, so Maddie did the next best thing. She started a blog, I Love Dogs and So Do You dot blogspot dot com. We don't post there very often, but every now and then Maddie finds a dog who is just too cute to be ignored. That would be Tana, a new golden retriever puppy who arrived in the Roxitius Valley just before Christmas. Tana, short for "Montana," came to live with my good friend and fellow Roxiticus Desperate Housewife, Susan, her husband Mike, and their daughter, Abbey. Tana is so sweet that we're trying to get a shot of her doing something naughty so we can win a $500 gift certificate in an online contest for the scariest or funniest pet photo. She ate one of Susan's high heels the other day, but no one caught her in the act. I sorted through all of our pet pictures and found the one on the right, which Maddie took last Sunday night.

If you have a photo of your pet causing trouble around the house, check out the contest, brought to you by Energized Seller, a site for dedicated home sellers and real estate professionals. They're looking for photos of pets who are potential home marketing challenges... the kind of photos you might find under "What Not to Do" under the 101 Home Selling and Staging Tips. If Maddie's photo of Tana is chosen, we'll win a $500 gift certificate to our choice of Lowes or Home Depot.



Mariuca said...

Good for Maddie and her new blog! I hope u guys win the contest woofies! :):):)