Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roxy's Point of View

Over the past couple of months, my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers may have noticed that I've had less time to devote to the blogosphere. Rex and I have been working a great deal harder in our investment banking practice, attending meetings all around New York City. We've enjoyed the view from many a corporate conference room, but one recent experience had me asking the receptionist, "where'd you get those cool shades?" We were all set for a meeting in a conference room that offered a spectacular view of Manhattan, but realized that we'd be staring into the sun instead of meeting the eye of the three partners we had come to see. The receptionist noticed the problem, pushed a button, and lowered the shades. I expected the impressive view to disappear, but voila! While the sun no longer blinded me, the view was left intact.


It turns out these were Eco-Solar Shades from The Shade Store. In addition to achieving a cool modern look while cutting energy costs, these unique Eco-Solar Shades absorb heat, block out ultra-violet (UV) rays, reduce glare, and insulate your windows -- all while maintaining your view. As the sun created a glare on my computer screen during an important conference call this afternoon, I thought about adding these shades to the two large windows in my home office. Lucky for me, The Shade Store just made a timely discount available exclusively to SocialSpark bloggers (that's me) and their readers (that's you). Use the code IZEA01 for 15% off and free shipping on all orders.



The Shade Store said...

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