Wednesday, January 07, 2009

London and Maddie Are Action All-Stars!

Whenever we get together, Grammy (Rex's mom) is always amazed at London and Maddie's level of computer skills. The girls have grown comfortable with Microsoft programs such as Word and PowerPoint, but their real enjoyment comes from web sites that are designed just for kids, such as Webkinz, Disney's Pixie Hollow Fairies, and any opportunity they can find to play games online together. While they were out at school today, I signed them up for a new sports-oriented site called You can see their cute blonde LondonMaddie athlete avatar on the left, decked out in a red shirt and matching red sneaks. The girls get started with Mendham Patriots basketball this coming Saturday, and I thought playing online would be a free, fun, and safe way to get them excited about sports as we head into a season of March Madness.

I wasn't able to connect and play the games this afternoon, but once London and Maddie get home from school and tennis this evening, I'm sure they will set me straight on how to use the site.

Current Action All-Stars partners include Major League Baseball (, the National Basketball League ( and So the girls have fun with their choice of sports, and as parents, Rex and I can feel comfortable that London and Maddie are playing safe online, with features such as "safe chat" to restrict their messaging.

If you have kids who enjoy sports, why not sign up for a free account with Look for my girls' little blonde LondonMaddie avatar with bright red shirt and sneakers and we'll take you on in your choice of basketball or baseball. Be sure to leave a comment here with your avatar's name so we'll know where to find you.




Mariuca said...

Roxy, I checked out webkinz after u mentioned it to me the other day. Looks like the girls are really having fun! :)