Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looth Tooth

After a bit of a break, it looks like the Tooth Fairy may be headed back to our home in the Roxiticus Valley. London and Maddie both lost their first eight (8) teeth in rapid succession when they were in pre-school and kindergarten. Their dentist reminded me on our last visit that the girls will lose a total of twenty (20) baby teeth, but that some adult teeth (excluding wisdom teeth) don't come in until middle school (ages 10-13). We were blessed with a nice tooth fairy break just in time for this year's school photos, but London has been grossing me out with her hands in her mouth for the past couple of days. I finally figured it out and asked her if she had a loose tooth, and she does... one of those pointy ones towards the front... incisors? I hope she can keep her smile intact for her birthday dinner at the Bernards Inn and her big birthday celebration on Saturday with Cirque Eloize at NJPAC.


Mary said...


Maybe it is just me, but I always find those school photos with the missing teeth so much better than the "Perfect" ones. I guess I just enjoy realism, and less photoshopped stuff.

I am certain that London sees the missing teeth as a badge of honor proving that she is truly growing up. (though likely she feels she is already a grown up after all is IS almost 8, if she is anything like my daughter was/is)

So what does the tooth fairy leave under the pillow these days?


Mariuca said...

Is it London's birthday??? Oh I hope I'm not too late to send her some birthday hugs and love! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I used to love the idea of the Tooth Fairy sneaking into my room to leave me some change for my tooth he he! What will London get from the TF this time? ;)