Monday, January 12, 2009

Google Search Result of the Day

Just last night, I was surfing via EntreCard and came across a post on Orient Lodge about Traffic Patterns with EntreCard, Adgitize, BlogExplosion, MyBlogLog and others. Aldon had shared an anecdote about writing one post about a Smoking Jacket his wife bought him four years ago and learning later that it has consistently delivered Googlers aplenty to his site. I left the following comment last night, and Aldon was nice enough to stop by and link to my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives site:

Laughing about the smoking jacket. Every now and then I write a post about the comical reasons people come to my site. One of my faves is "lapdance haircut."

I agree with your notion of bounce rate, that people who don't click on anything found what they were looking for on the first shot. How else can I explain that someone will search Google for "Roxiticus Desperate Housewives" and spend 0 seconds/click on 0 pages on my blog? What else could they possibly be looking for with those search terms??!!

Anyway, I've been enjoying your blog for a few months and will continue to do so, no matter what the analytics may tell you...


So... tonight I happened to check my SiteMeter traffic, and what did I find? The Google search result of the day was "Penis Enlargement Doctors in Morris County, NJ." And yup... Roxiticus Desperate Housewives ranks number one in Google (because Roxy writes about the best kid stuff (including ballet classes, tennis lessons and summer camp), restaurants, shopping, handymen and home services, butchers, bakers and caterers, personal and professional services (including doctors) in Morris County, NJ... and because of an unrelated post about a fellow blogger's penis enlargement nightmare). That is just too rich! I cannot possibly explain to my two young daughters why their mommy is rolling on the floor laughing.

Oh, and if you came here looking for that doctor? Roxy's Best Of... Morris County, NJ has nothing for you, but please come back and let me know if you find what you're looking for somewhere else. Oh, and if you ARE that doctor? Please leave a comment so I can redirect my eager public... I'm sure we can work out an appropriate referral relationship. Oh, and if you are Grammy (Rex's mom)? I guess it's too late, but maybe you should have skipped over this post.


Goddess said...

Love you, Roxy! You always make me smile - and sometimes laugh myself off my chair!
I need to do a search terms post again, although I haven't gotten any REALLY outrageous ones again in a while....I think. :)

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Darn it! I was searching google for "mens support underwear" and this post showed must be because of the deceptive image you used in your post. Ah well, back to google.

Mizé said...

Oh Roxy, this is funny! Lol.
Lately I´ve been skipping my analitics session, but I shouldn´t. My results, over night clicks, can be such a good laugh too.
Good Tuesday xx

Jason said...

Just stopping by to vote for you.

Anonymous said...

These things may be more related than you think. Buy a nice smoking jacket, meet a nice woman, get some of those enhancements you write about and before you know it, you too may be searching for the best ballet school or tennis lessons for kids.

Mary said...


I seriously did a spit take upon reading that!

*wipes computer screen and hopes the tea does not short out the laptop*

Hmmm, I thought in Morris County men bought more expensive sports cars to compensate! *snicker, giggle*

(who took the extra strength sarcasm pill today)

Suzette said...

Hahahaha! This is funny. I also have very irrelevant search results sometimes, and I'm sure those who finally ended my site cursed like hell. LOL!

Will come back to vote for you when your challenge is taken up. :)


Mariuca said...

Dropping off some EC love for u today Roxy! My connection is speedy and I woke up early today too! :)

Mariuca said...

Also looking forward to watching American Idol tonight YAY! :):):)

Erik said...

Not bouncing...I swear. :)

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! Dropping by to thank you for all the clicks I got from RBO yesterday yahoo! :)

Cher said...

Too funny!