Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday, London!

As London and Maddie were getting ready for bed tonight, we talked about what Mommy and Daddy were doing eight years ago tonight... it was Super Bowl Sunday, and we had spent the entire day at Lenox Hill Hospital, waiting for London... it took the rest of the night and lots of hours of labor, but when London arrived before noon the next day, we knew she was worth the wait.

Last year for "Incredible Kid Day" in London's first grade class, all of the parents were asked to take some time to reflect and think about why we feel our child is unique and truly incredible. Rex and I shared our thoughts with London by writing a special letter to her telling why we think she's incredible, and I thought it was worth a repeat performance tonight in honor of her 8th birthday.


On the day you were born, I was filled with so much joy and love that I thought you couldn’t be much more incredible…but as you’ve grown up to be an almost second grader, I’ve discovered that you grow more incredible with each passing day, week, and year. London, you are INCREDIBLE!

Incredibly poised, a graceful ballerina, and an agile gymnast.
Natural tennis player with confident strokes, you can serve, rally and score!
Creative writer, artist and avid reader. This spring, we’ve already spent several beach days sitting together in our beach chairs on Mount Street Beach in Bay Head, New Jersey, plowing through our “page turners” together. It makes me so happy that you love to read… and write creative stories and illustrate your books and draw fabulous fashions. We’ll both remember and enjoy our beach reading days for a lifetime.
Role model and loving sister – On the day we brought your sister home from the hospital, you said “Maddie - OUT!” While I was worried that you were trying to get this new little person OUT of our house, it turned out that 13-month-old-you were expressing delight that your baby sister was finally “OUT” in the world…the two of you have been best friends ever since and the love you and Maddie share is just incredible.
Entrepreneur at the beach…the way you and Maddie have been painting and selling seashells down by the seashore for 25 cents each since Memorial Day 2007 is impressive. You and your sister have earned over $150 towards Webkinz and your college savings plan….not to mention the friends and “fan club” who come every weekend to paint with you and admire your beautiful painted shells.
Dedicated and enthusiastic student. Every day when you wake up, you still jump out of bed (OK, so you move a little slowly in the morning just like Mommy) ready to get on the bus with busdriver Dan and go to school in Mrs. Brown’s class. You work so hard at spelling and math and you really really love to sit up there in the Author’s Chair to share your journal and special creative writing projects with the class.
Investigator and Scientist: Daddy and I were so proud of you this year when you brought your lava lamp experiment to the MTES Science Fair. It was terrific that you learned about the project through your 4-H club, and wanted to share your hypothesis and results with your friends from school.
Band leader, singing Hannah Montana & High School Musical faves with the three Singin’ Van de Kamp Sisters.
Loyal friend to all your friends, old and new. You’ve kept in touch with your best buddy from our apartment in New York City, and when you get together it’s like you were just running up and down the halls of our West Village apartment building yesterday…chat chat chat! You also keep up your friendships from Westmont Montessori, and you’re a loyal friend to many new buddies from your kindergarten and first grade classes.
Even if you couldn’t do any of these things, London, I’d still find you to be an incredible kid. Just by being yourself, you fill my life and our home with happiness and love…and that’s pretty darn incredible.

Happy 8th Birthday, London... Mommy, Daddy & Maddie love you!


Spicybugz said...

Happy Birthday London! Roxy that letter is the best

Mariuca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LONDON! GP loves ya too! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Oh my London looks so cuddly wuddly huggy wuggy in this picture, I Love! :):):)

Mariuca said...

I love all the incredible things you said about your daughter. Big hugs to my girls! :):):)

Mary Frankfurt said...

What a nice present you are affering her, i believe you might also had to offer something more material.

By the way, I was just wondering why did you call her London?????????

Fun blog,,

Erik said...

Happy Birthday London!!! That's 56 in dog years.

Mary said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday London! May your day be filled with joy, giggles, smiles and fun!

Mizé said...

Hi Roxy.
She was soooo cute!
I just love babies :)
Happy Birthday to both!
Good Friday xx

LadyJava said...

Happy Birthday London!!..
Hope you guys had a blast celebrating!!!

Shinade said...

Happy belted birthday London! Hi Roxy, it's true I am back. Oh I wish I had made it over in time for the grand day.

What an absolute treasure of a letter for your daughter.

Oh I hope you all have the grandest weekend ever!

I have missed you and hearing about the girls.


Matt said...

Happy Birthday, London!! I hope it is a fantastic birthday for you!

Great tribute to your daughter, Roxy! So sweet and touching.

Christian Counselors said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday London! May your day be filled with joy, giggles, smiles

Louise CĂ©libataires said...

Happy birthday a litlle bit late.
The foto of you is really nice. I liked it and the text is really original.

Thank you for this post.