Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to School (and Soccer) with the Sproutwells!

I've mentioned before that I take a bit of liberty with this blog's title, Roxiticus Desperate Housewives, as I'm neither desperate nor a housewife. I'm a hard-working investment banking mom, happily married to Rex (10 years on Friday!). And now, the opportunity to take that little white lie a step further by calling myself a "soccer mom" has presented itself. While London and Maddie played Kiddie Soccer and U.K. Elite Petite Soccer when they were in pre-school, thankfully soccer is one of the activities they dropped when London started kindergarten two years ago. I like a lot of action in my sports, and even professional soccer doesn't have enough action for me when compared with basketball or tennis, for example.

The lastest episode of The Sproutwells features a "legitimate" soccer mom in action while her lettuce daughter "uses her head." Click on the video below for a good laugh to start your week.

While Ruby Red, the lettuce daughter, got her pink soccer uniform by saving her points on, you don't have to be a soccer mom to start accumlating points towards prizes or charity donations with freshfunds. You'll gain points every time you buy Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites, Fresh Express Gourmet Café Salads, and Fresh Express Packaged Salads. Maybe London and Maddie can save enough points to get their pink tennis uniforms from FreshFunds.