Friday, September 26, 2008

Desperate for the Weekend: Those Other Desperate Housewives Return to TV on Sunday, September 28th

Those other Desperate Housewives (the ones on Wisteria Lane) have gone retro for the cover of the new TV Guide, getting dolled up like pin-up models of the past to promote the season premiere of Desperate Housewives. On Sunday night's show, the cast will be doing the opposite, moving forward in time. Five years have passed since Katherine shot her ex-husband as Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gaby stood together in solidarity to protect her.

While I was a bit stunned last night at 9pm when the DVR on our TV popped on to start taping the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy (I haven't even caught up on the last two or three episodes from last season), I am ready to see my TV double and her friends from Wisteria Lane back in action. For those of you who do need to catch up, the Desperate Housewives Complete Fourth Season is available from Amazon for $38.99 with free super saver shipping. I'm going to order it for my souvenir Desperate Housewives collection (to go along with the printed, leather-bound edition of my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog that Matt sent along for my third blogiversary back in August).

I'll also get the Grey's Anatomy Complete Fourth Season ($36.99 with free super saver shipping) and try to catch up during my commute on the train to NYC next week. I'm even further behind on what's been going on with Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe, so I'll throw in the Brothers and Sisters Complete Second Season for another $36.99 and I'll be all caught up. Last year, there was a deal for a $10 or $15 rebate for buying multiple ABC program boxed sets...anyone know if there's a similar deal going on?


Empty Streets said...

Hi Roxy,

ohh i just love these series too hehehe. I still havent finished doing my marathon dvd for both these series as i am still hooked up with Gossip Girl hehehe :) We are a bit delayed with the seasons here though in the Philippines for the two that you mentioned but I cant wait to get a copy myself :)

Mariuca said...

Yeeha! DH is back, can't wait to see Bree back in action! Thanks for the heads up Roxy! ;)

Mo said...

I don't watch Grey's, but cannot wait for DH premiere tomorrow night!!!!

I like Kevin & Scotty on B&S, but some of the other characters drive me nuts there - so it's not one of my 'must see' shows.

Can't wait for Edie's return to Wisteria Lane!

Ferd said...

Okay, I'm intrigued. Who's your TV double?!?

Princess Gail and I follow both DH and Grey's Anatomy, though to tell you the truth, Meredith's little lisp drives me crazy (not in a good way.)

Monday night might be our favorite, with Terminator and Heroes.

RoxiticusDH said...

My TV double? For almost three years of blogging, before I discovered my inner Roxy, I called myself Bree here on the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog...even though I'm not a redhead and I can't cook to save my life.