Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Won't Believe What We've Been Up To All Day... Wizards of Waverly Place Marathon on the Disney Channel!

It's a lazy rainy Saturday in the Roxiticus Valley, and when the girls woke up this morning I asked, "Do you know what we've got to do today?" London and Maddie responded with our family's magic words: "Absolutely nothing!"

We shot a few hoops and hit a few tennis balls against the backboard in our driveway, went out to Redwoods for lunch, painted pumpkins and checked out the scary Halloween maze at the Country Nursery in Chester, and picked up some vegetables for dinner at Parks Farm.

Since we got home, the girls and I have turned into couch potatoes....I took a nap on the couch while the girls watched one episode of Wizards of Waverly Place after another. Since we missed over a month of TV while we were at the beach in Bay Head this summer, all of the episodes are like brand new!

Although we've recovered from the Comcastic nightmare that greeted us upon our return from the beach after Labor Day, last night we discovered that our Comcastic imitation Tivo DVR is broken, so I'll have to watch the Grey's Anatomy season premiere online and stay glued to the TV for all the new Fall shows, including those other Desperate Housewives tomorrow night on ABC.