Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roxy's Law: All Electronic Devices will Break Down As Soon As Their Extended Warranties Expire

As you may know by now, I have bad luck with technology. Everything I buy breaks down, and today's bummer was our four-years-and-a-few-days-old Xerox Phaser 8400, not long out of its extended warranty. So now we have to get a new one, and Xerox is tricky. Of course, Xerox no longer makes the Phaser 8400, so all of our existing expensive ink crayons for that machine are useless....I'll be lucky if I can re-sell them at a loss on eBay. Let me tell you, the ink is not cheap. Even Amazon wants $90 for 6 sticks of black ink for the Xerox 8560DN. The best replacement for our office is the Xerox Phaser 8560DN with a 3-Year Extended On-Site Service Plan. Our local certified Xerox retailer is asking $877 for the printer itself, plus $359 for a three-year extended on-site service plan, while I found the printer on Amazon for $800 (with free super saver shipping) and the three-year extended on-site service plan for $80...over $35o in savings.

I've never made such a large purchase from Amazon, though...has anyone had any experience with their extended service plans for electronics? Please comment as soon as possible...I think the price break ends tomorrow. Thanks!


Michelle said...

I agree, warranties always expire right at the moment you need them. I've had some great luck with Amazon. I order most of my xmas gifts from them. Though I've never had any experience ordering an item as large as a printer or copier. Good luck with the purchase.