Monday, September 22, 2008

Hips Still Don't Lie: The Latest on Roxy's Back-to-School Fitness Program

It's been a bit more than two weeks since I decided to get "back-to-school" with a brand new body and I have to say, the results have been better than I expected. I've stuck with my plan to work out every day that I don't go in to our New York City office. My goal was to lose a pound per week until I get down from a starting point of 160 to my fighting weight of 135. In the first two weeks, I lost five pounds, so right now I'm weighing in around 155. I know the weight is easiest to lose in the early going, so I'm going to try to continue to lose a pound per week from the "new base" of 155.

So far, I've been using only the elliptical trainer in our basement gym, progressing quickly from 6 minutes X 4 on the first days to 10 minutes X 3 last Friday, though still at the lowest levels (1 and 3 on a scale of 20) of exertion. While I'm not bored yet, it may be time to add some fun to my everyday routine with a video-based program like XFLOWSION.

With a revolutionary TRIPLE TRAINING™ approach, XFLOWSION™ is the only exercise program that efficiently and effectively provides three workouts in one convenient program, combining the proven best moves from martial arts, power yoga, and dance. For someone like me, with very little time to spend in the gym, XFLOWSION™ promises to deliver jaw-dropping results in one-third time. As Shakira reminds me every time I work out, hips don't lie, and neither will my abs!

Celebrity trainer Eric Paskel, who has shaped up some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, combines his leading-edge fitness and psychology background to give us the plateau blast, that combats the frustration of working out and seeing early results that somehow just stop while the last pounds refuse to budge. XFLOWSION™'s fresh, constantly shifting moves are specifically designed to promote continuous fat burning and muscle toning. While my body keeps improving, I'm much less likely to get bored.

The price seems right... for three payments of $19.95 (use promotional code FREESH for free shipping and handling), XFLOWSION™ offers four DVD workouts:

  • Live in Hollywood, filmed in high definition, with 5 cameras, 5:1 surround sound and a live band;
  • Calm Down Dog, a restorative and gentle yoga-centric workout to reduce stress (did someone say stock market?);
  • Body Blast, a total body workout focused on toning, strenth, and flexibility; and
  • Amazing Abs, a high-intensity core workout.

Roxy's ready to sweat, sculpt and stretch my body to total transformation, from head to toe, inside and out with XFLOWSION... how about you?