Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ooh...the Sproutwells Get a Package!!

We've made it back from the beach in Bay Head to the Roxiticus Valley, only to discover that the deer made short work of Rex's heirloom tomato garden while we were gone. We'll have to count on peaches and string beans from Parks Farm down the road for now, and make do with store-bought produce when Parks Farm closes for the season in the late Fall. Inspired by our Veggie Friends, The Sproutwells, we'll buy healthy fresh brands like Chiquita and Fresh Express and collect freshfunds points to earn prizes and bid on auction items like the Wii Fit & Fun Prize Pack.

Click the video below for the latest installment from the Sproutwells, your typical fruit and veggie family living among humans, trying to fit in our world. My favorite character, Rosey the nosey neighbor, spies while the Sproutwells receive another mysterious package from

Here in the Roxiticus Valley, we have a great bunch of neighbors -- other than the developer across the street who lets his landscapers crash our mailbox on a weekly basis and leave big truck tire tracks in the newly planted grass at the top of our driveway -- and the houses are too far apart for a nosey neighbor like Rosey to get much satisfaction anyway. So I'll be able to enjoy my first delivery from in the privacy of my own home...but I'll be sure to share it with all my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers.

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