Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brent's Mama is Coming for Thanksgiving: The Silver Ladle Joke

Brent's mama has made plans to visit Brent and Fitz's new home in Westchester, New York, for Thanksgiving, which prompted us to re-tell the silver ladle story over lunch today:

Brent invites his mama to spend a long weekend at his new home in the country. When Mama arrives, she can't help but notice how hot Fitz is, and how the two boys exchange glances across the room. Brent tells her that they are just roommates, they have a strictly platonic relationship, and assures her that nothing is going on between them. Mama enjoys a nice dinner and weekend visit, and goes back home to South Carolina.

Two weeks later Fitz says to Brent, "It's funny, but ever since your mother came for the weekend, I can't find my silver gravy ladle." Brent writes his mother a letter saying, "Mama, I'm not saying that you did take the silver gravy ladle, and I'm not saying that you did not take the silver gravy ladle, but the fact remains, it has been missing since you came to visit."

Mama wrote a letter back to Brent saying, "Son, I'm not saying that you do sleep with Fitz, and I'm not saying that you do not sleep with Fitz, but the fact remains... if Fitz was sleeping in his own bed, he would have found the silver ladle under his pillow by now."


Spicy Bug said...

Good One!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Voted...Hottest Mommy

The Prince of Centraxis said...

"That was no ladle, that was my knife"
- Bob Hope

Anonymous said...

Those aren't PILLOWS!!!!
- KONA '88