Monday, June 09, 2008

I'll Show You Mine, If You'll Show Me Yours....

Hello again, friends. I know you've all come here looking for a little "homework." Lady Java tagged me with the unspectacular quirks meme and here I am now, to reveal my quirkiest traits. Now I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours...

Here are the rules:

1. Link the person(s) who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours...
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Here are my quirks...
  1. I won't walk under cranes/scaffolding or over subway grates/basement doors (since the recent crane crashes in NYC, this quirk of mine has been getting more respect)
  2. I like to eat each item on my plate separately (e.g., finish the string beans before eating the steak, then eat the french fries)
  3. I'm still afraid of the bogeyman. When I was a kid I thought he lived in my family's cavelike basement. These days, I won't go down our basement (which is fully finished and brightly lit) at night. The bogeyman stays away when Rex is home, but when Rex travels on business, the girls sleep in my bedroom with the alarm system turned on. One time after a birthday party, some helium balloons set off the alarm system and the Mendham Township police force had to come and save us from the bogeyman!
  4. I have horrible, hideous fingernails, mostly my own fault. I bite them, I pick at them, and for several years I had a nail fungus (not my fault) that made ridges and bumps all over them. Eew!
  5. When I do any serious writing, I prefer handwriting to my computer. I carry a leather journal with me everywhere and write whenever and wherever I can. When I was living the wild single life, I carried a small notebook in my purse and wrote haiku in all the Jersey Shore bars.
  6. Despite my blogger persona, when I'm out and about "live" in the Roxiticus Valley (or anywhere else), I hide behind my camera and/or notebook rather than initiating conversation with new people.

OK, I've shown you my quirks, now it is time to turn the tables and tag a few blogosphere buddies to show my yours...I'm tagging Henson (this ought to be hilarious), Maggie (who has a brand new shiny job and a long train commute during which she can ponder her quirks), SpicyBug, Shinade, Tashabud, and Buffy (who just quit smoking, congratulations Buffy, here's something to do instead of reaching for a cigarette).


Eric S. said...

Hey Roxy, Thanks for the visit. I have a couple of the same quirks as you. I eat food the same way, and I am totally different in real life.

You can find most of my songs on one of my play list here's the link.
Hope you get a good laugh out of some of them

LadyJava said...

Those are indeed quirky Roxy.. I eat everything together..lolz..

Bogeyman..lolzz.. I guess they moved from my neighborhood to yours eh??

Oh I love meeting pple and the way I am at my blog. I'm like that too in real life..heheh

Thanks for doing the tag Roxy.. now we know each other better eh?!

Spicy Bug said...

Ok I did it! Thank you for linking me : )

nEeRAj said...

Hi friend....
Nice blog and layout....
Interesting and knowledgeable posts on ur blog...
Keep going..
Show ur presence on my blog too by leaving a comment.
Plz leave a message f u wanna xlink..

Mariuca said...

Hola Roxy! Farah tagged me with this one too. :)

Oh your number 2 reminds me of a friend fo mine. He'll eat everything separately too, usually saving the best for last LOL!

Dropping off Mariuca for the day, have fun! :)

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

Hi Rox! A gal after my own heart - I still bite my nails & spend a fortune on gels! As for the bogey man - try "closet monster spray" ~ we always used it for DD# 2 when little (air freshener)!

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy, am here to vote for u! Only 1 more vote left so I gotta make this quick in case someone else votes before me! ;)

I joined BoTB tonight too, no takers yet. Do vote for me if u can later he he!

tashabud said...

Roxy, thanks for visiting my site and leaving me an assignment to do!
Too much work, but I'll be good and do it just for you. Some desperate housewives, I tell you. Nothing better to do. Lol. Have a great week. Roxy, please do visit my other site as well: The Big Picture@

LadyJava said...

Hiya Roxy..
Here to vote for you.. good luck girlfriend :)

Spicy Bug said...

Dropping bye to leave you my vote, and wishing you a happy monday!

Mariuca said...

Wow Roxy, this is gonna be a quick battle for u, only 4 more votes left after mine! Good luck to us he he! :)

Shinade said...

Hey Roxy,
WE have a couple of things in common. I too am a nail biter and I pick at them too.

And I wore fake nails for years as well. But, now every time I have them put on I have a reaction to them. They burn,burn,burn!!

But, I like to eat all my food all at once like LJ.

Thanks for thinking of me. I will get it done tonight if my signal holds up.

Shinade said...

Hi Roxy,
So sorry I am in so late. We are in VA. and we have been winding around the hills and valleys for the better part of the day.

So I have had little or no signal.

I am just dropping by to say hi and let you know that I did my tag today.

Thanks again for thinking of me. Oh wow I am so excited. We will be in Maine this Friday or Saturday. I can't wait.

Maine in the summer time is so beautiful. I will take plenty of pictures.

Gotta' run...I am so far behind today!!:-))))

Henson Ray said...

I have been overwhelmed at work recently, so don't think I've been procrastinating about your latest assignment. I hope to get to it later this week. Hope all is well at the beach.

RoxiticusDH said...

School's almost out for summer, so I won't give you a hard time about your homework assignment this time...if you'll vote for me as Hottest Mommy Blogger (click the badge in my sidebar), I won't even have to put on my naughty teacher outfit, come over to your blog and spank you...maybe I'll just send Matt by as the Stern Professor instead.

Buffy said...

Nail biter huh? That habits almost as bad as smoking...nah its not! lol

Thanks for the tag, that'll keep me busy alright and thanks for the encouragement :)