Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's EntreCard Saturday....and Buddy's Fitness News is My EntreFind!

A couple weeks ago, I was honored when The Mom With Brownies chose me as her "Entre-Find." I thought EntreCard Saturday was a pretty cool idea, though I'm nowhere near diligent enough to post one every week. So here's my first, and we'll hope it's not my last, contribution to EntreCard Saturday. Enjoy!

Whether you're visiting via BlogExplosion, SocialSpark, or EntreCard, I'd like to let all of my visitors know about Buddy's Fitness News. I'm not entirely clear how I stumbled upon Buddy's blog, but I decided to "advertise" my EntreCard on Buddy's widget and the results were amazing...for a price of 256EC, I got 144 click-throughs, and many of Buddy's fans stayed on to read and came back to Roxiticus Desperate Housewives again and again. Buddy, pictured at left accepting not one but two Arte y Pico awards and bestowing one upon this humble blog during his acceptance speech, is a very talented dog... an expert with PhotoShop, Buddy is supporting his mom's new job by picking up the slack to provide all of us with interesting blog posts to read while his mom's away at work.

If you have an Entre-Find that you'd like to share with the rest of us, just click the widget at the top of this post and it will take you right over to The Mom With Brownies, where you'll find the details on EntreCard Saturday. But maybe you'll want to leave me a comment here first, so Roxy can get in before the secret gets out and the EntreCard price goes up!



Great find Roxy! Thanks for participating and the nomination. :-)

Talk to you soon,
Shelly M.
The Mom With Brownies

italy30 said...

thanks for this post

crazy working mom said...

Perfect choice, but his price has gone up since you've advertised. Must be your positive post here. :)

Buddy and his Mom said...

as you can see in the photo - Buddy's "whites" are very white (not a photoshop trick). He took a bath before the awards ceremony.

Thanks so much for picking Buddy's Fitness News. We really enjoy reading your blog too, and are envious of your creative writing skills. You make sponsored posts fun to read!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

I'm really enjoying EntreCard Saturday and did my post too! Heading over to read about Buddy now!Thanks for sharing!

Mariuca said...

Hola Roxy, I was here earlier with Mariuca, now with MPG!

I still got so much work to do and a post is due asap too, working on my drops now. So many things to do and so little time! :)