Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess Where Rex Is Right Now?

He's on his way uptown to American Girl Place to pick up the Ruthie doll for Maddie...so that London and Kit and Maddie and Ruthie will be ready for the new American Girl movie...Kit Kittredge!

What a dad!

Now the girls are saving all of the money they earn from selling seashells down by the seashore (at 25 cents each) to buy Kit's Treehouse:

I told them I'd split the $250 price with them if they earned $125 by the end of the summer. Wish us all luck!


Mariuca said...

He he he Roxy, I'm so glad u won the battle, even by one vote! ;) My second one ended quite quickly too, that's 150 credits down! Enough battling for me today! :)

Kittie said...

Good luck with the girls
Ps: Rex is more than a good dad...that's wonderful to give smiles to children
Pps: thanks for the vote

LadyJava said...

Hi Roxy!
Sorry I missed your battle.. are you on another one tonight?? Am on my LJL EC now.. and retiring after I've done the drops tonight.. had a tiring day..

Hiya GP!!

Bugz said...

My niece loves those dolls, I think she has everything. Voting for ya!

Susan Cook said...

My daughter loves the American Girl dolls too. She has Felicity & Elizabeth and wants another one. She really wants to see the movie too.