Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is There A Senior Tech in the House?

Now I don't know about you, but I sometimes wish we could go back to the days of cave painting instead of relying on the latest technologies. Brent and I have a standing joke around the office about one of us always having to play the role of Senior Tech, complete with broken glasses and pocket protector, overcharging by the hour to fix one of our company's ongoing problems with Internet service, Bill Gates' dog, or the wireless router and firewall in our Lizworld headquarters. In a small investment banking firm, there's no room in the payroll for a Chief Technology Officer, or even an entry-level geek, so we tend to rely on an outsourced technology consultant named Smug Robert and wish that someone in-house had his or her Cisco certification. In fact, Cisco has a whole learning network where Brent and I could participate in exciting conversations about advancing our careers, and discover more about the future of networking technology. Instead of counting on an outsider to deal with our in-house technology issues, we could teach Smug Robert a thing or two. When I visit Other People's Blogs ("OPB") and read about all of the problems my fellow bloggers have, rebooting their Windows Vista computers several times a day (the lovely, gracious and talented Mariuca has done two full restores over the past month or two!) or having Internet connectivity issues in the middle of a shopping or banking transaction, it makes me want to learn more about Cisco certification programs, and training. No wonder there are wildly growing career opportunities within IT. One thing I know for time I hire an outsourced IT consultant to handle my business or blogging computer repairs, I'm going to make sure they have their Cisco certification. Instead of taking a gamble on a technology "expert's" credentials, I would know that a Cisco-certified technician had completed a training program and passed an exam...a real credibility builder.

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