Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Outside the Roxiticus Valley: Drove to My NYC Office Today

I always feel like a tourist when, instead of taking the train, Rex and I drive in to our office in New York City. This morning, when we arrived at the Bernardsville train station, there was no train waiting to take us to NYC, and Brent checked online for us and found out that New Jersey Transit's Gladstone branch was basically down, experiencing "1 to 2 hour delays." Probably the thunderstorms in our area last night knocked over some trees and/or power lines. So we hopped back into the Jeep and drove in to New York, something we haven't done consistently in over 2 years due to all the construction on Route 78 and elsewhere on our commute. Thankfully, much of the construction has been completed, so the drive was actually a refreshing change of pace and we arrived in the City by 10:30am.

When we left our co-op in the West Village to move to the Roxiticus Valley in October 2003, I really thought I would miss New York a lot more than I have, maybe since by keeping our office here I get many of the benefits without some of the hassles. And my kids don't have to play baseball in the street.

We walked a few blocks from the parking lot to our LizWorld office. The Flatiron District is a nice area to walk around in, and today was really no exception. The weather has cooled down from over 100 degrees to under 80, and the LizWorld air conditioning system is back in business after a two-day shutdown.

The good news is, my expensive yet stubborn notebook computer is not the cause of the Amazon/EntreCard problems I've been having, and I've been able to visit many of you from the office and drop off my EntreCard at your blogs...the bad news is that the problem lies somewhere with my continuing Comcastic Internet issues, which currently prevent me from seeing/dropping EntreCards from all three computers in my home. So, I'd like to thank all of you who've "dropped by" to visit despite my inability to reciprocate your EntreCard drops, and I'm trying to get to as many of you as possible on my "lunch hour." I'll also stop by from the beach this weekend, in between sunbathing and swimming and Father's Day activities that will be reported on my Bay Head Blog.