Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Fun for the Office...


Rex and the girls and I had such a terrific weekend in the Roxiticus Valley, New Jersey, that it just doesn't feel right to be back at work today. So instead of dealing with the "random payroll audit" I received late last week from the Devil Incarnate at the New York State Department of Labor, I decided to play a cool little online racing game called Office Depot Slob's Racing.

SLOBs is an acronym (don't we love those around the office?) for Strange Little Office Beings. No one knows quite how they came to exist. All we do really know is that wherever there are office supplies, you're sure to find a SLOB. Though you may never have actually seen a SLOB lurking around your desk, you've probably seen the evidence of their existence. Where do you think all those missing pens, Post-It Notes, and rolls of Scotch tape go?

If I can put my hideous payroll audit on hold, surely you can join me to play the SLOB game...check it out at Office Depot Slob's Racing...and welcome back to the work week!

Sponsored by Office Depot Slob's Racing