Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Police Line Do Not Cross

This afternoon, on her way back to our house for a play date with three little girls in boosters in the back seat of the Suburban, our Roxiticus Desperate Nanny got busted. The Mendham Township Police officer (pictured at left) suggested that she was doing 50 in a 30 mph zone, but I believe her when she said she was doing 35, though the officer didn't...and asked if she wanted to argue with him in front of the kids...which is when Maddie's little playmate piped up, "What is your name, OFFICER??!!" Even though my current registration and insurance card were safe in my purse upstairs in the bedroom, while our nanny was left with faded and yellowing documents from 2006, there's a happy ending that doesn't involve women's prison or even a juvenile hall for the inquisitive kindergartner.

Most of my fellow Roxiticus Desperate Housewives have been pulled over for speeding at one time or another, but none of us have been in a serious accident. Though I banged up the front quarter panel on my old Celica in a snowstorm many years ago and the deer are always jumping out in front of me here in the Roxiticus Valley, I've never been in a car accident with another car.
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And for the rest of you, slow down, stay safe and don't cross that police line!

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