Friday, June 13, 2008

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Would You Know If Someone Stole Roxy's Identity?

Here's a Friday the 13th, Invasion of the Identity Snatchers question for all of you, my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers:

Some of you have been with me for about four months now, through thick and thin, and over 400 posts (yep, #400 slipped by without a celebration, but we'll find a lucky number to celebrate when we get to our 20,000th visitor at the end of June)...would you know if someone had stolen Roxy's identity and started posting here on my blog? They come from another world. What would you do if you suspected that Henson (posts suddenly a little too funny?) or Mariuca (triple-digit comments in foreign tongues on every post) or Matt (unexpected plans for a summer whitewater rafting/camping trip) or Lady Java (photos of cats drinking coffee appearing in sidebar) or the Mom With Brownies (fresh baked goods for readers every day) had stolen my identity and had begun brainwashing you with fraudulent messages from Roxy? And what would I do about it?

Although I'm posting lightly about it here, identity theft is really no joke. I haven't had a "serious case" of it in my own real life, but one time, someone did find a way to steal my Citibank credit card number (though not the physical card) and made their very own fraudulent Bree Van de Kamp Citibank plastic card. They used the fake credit card to fill up for $18.80 at a gas station (it wasn't a matchbox car, it was about four years ago when gas was much cheaper), followed by $4,400 at a custom furniture shop in Georgia. Talk about stupid! Incredible! Invisible! Insatiable! Have any of you ever ordered custom furniture? It generally takes between fourteen and twenty weeks for delivery, and they tend to deliver it to your physical location. If Citibank didn't catch my identity thief before she got very far with her pleather Barca Lounger, they don't deserve to get their $4,418.80 back.

Something is happening! Send your men of science quick! Better to try to get a step or two ahead of the Identity Snatchers today than to deal with the nightmare after it happens. Visit Shop Shield® to learn about their fresh new consumer service offering complete protection against identity theft and fraud when you shop online. Shop Shield® is a completely FREE, cutting edge privacy solution that protects your:

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At Shop Shield®, your consumer data is stored in a fortress of security systems. All personally identifiable information is broken into undecipherable fragments, then encrypted. The encrypted data is stored in multiple independent databases. Every transaction is monitored and recorded using technologies and hardware modeled after Department of Defense security standards that exceed even federal banking standards. And if the Identity Snatchers get to you while you're using Shop Shield®, Shop Shield® will reimburse every penny, up to $10,000 above and beyond the coverage your credit card company or bank provides. Shop Shield® will also provide complete, and personalized victim resolution services at no charge.

So unless you're feeling lucky this Friday the 13th, I'd recommend that we all Learn More about Shop Shield®...before there's nothing to hold onto -- except each other.


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LadyJava said...

Cat drinking coffee at the sidebar?? Lolzz Roxy.. you crack me up!! hehhe... seriously though this is a serious matter.. and very a scary one too.. imagine someone impersonating as LadyJava and posting pictures WITHOUT paperbag... that would be disastrous!!!

Wally Banners said...

lmao roxie we so think alike. I was up last night thinking what the dam R stood for lmao. Doll I leave on the 22 of this month :) Roxie don't mean to be gloomy but am quite sure Ill be killed a few days after landing in Rome.So in short don't forget me I existed. All day I been singing my songs of death lmao frank Sinatra.
My fav is "fly me to the Moon". lol fred was mad I got us economy seats even then they were 2k a pop. Lmao he'll probably be sitting with the kid next to some pakis with goats and chickens lmao. Shows roxie his new Tux:) don't I look simply dazzling? lmao. iLL MISS YOU AND REX!

Mariuca said...

Roxy!! I managed to cast my vote, but unfortunately u lost by 1! :( Let me know if you're on another one and I'll come do my part! :)

PS. Am planning to join BOTB later tonight too, stop by if u can! :)

Mariuca said...

Oh no! I hope my comment didn't disappear, just left u one and pressed publish, but it brought me back to ur front page and no confirmation message Boo hoo! Anyway Vote vote vote! :)

Spicy Bug said...

I can't imagine anyone even coming close to impersonating you..your one a kind! I just got out of the pool, and came to give you a vote : )

LadyJava said...

Back again to vote for you Roxy.. GL!!!

bingskee said...

identity theft is one of those scary crimes that has been happening. and because of this, i do not perform online transactions that involve money (except for paypal and xoom). i had a friend teacher who is currently based in Washington DC and her bank account got all wiped out to the last penny.

Linda said...

If someone were ever stupid enough to steal my identity, I get the sneaky feeling that they would be returning it very quickly as they'd have found it wouldn't do much for them. No credit cards, a lousy credit rating, and only about $4.26 in my bank account!

Still, it is scary to know that there are people out there who do this sort of thing on a regular basis. There's also someone who wants to take the easy way and not do things on their own.

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy, am here now. Still with Mariuca, MPG is taking a break right now! :)

I see your blogger's choice badge, lemme see if I can remember my password to log on and vote! :)

Mariuca said...

Roxy, I remembered my password and voted for u YAY! I also got my badge up at Mariuca (finally) and guess what? I only have 2 votes he he... vote for me too! :):):)