Sunday, August 24, 2008

From the Roxiticus Desperate Mailbag: The Cottage Schools Open Doors to Grades Pre-K through 4th Grade in Bernardsville, New Jersey

Dear Bree (or should I call you Roxy??),

I'm also a local mom (in Gladstone) and have read through portions of your blog - lots of fun commentary. I think it would be an ideal place to post information about a new PreK to 4th Grade school opening in Bernardsville, New Jersey. You may be familiar with the Cottage School in Peapack-Gladstone. Both of my children attend that school and love it. This additional school in Bernardsville is run by the same director (Laura Soulages) and is held in the St. Bernards church in Bernardsville. It is the location of a former Little Lamb program there. Please let me know if it is something you might add to your Bernardsville section of the blog.

Amy Dietrich
Gladstone, NJ

Dear Amy:
Since London and Maddie attend Mendham Township Elementary School and none of the other Roxiticus Desperate Offspring have any experience with The Cottage Schools, we can't offer you the Roxiticus Desperate Housekeeping Seal of Approval, but are happy to introduce The Cottage Schools and the new Pre-K through 4th Grade addition to our loyal readers...if you're a mom in the Greater Roxiticus Valley and you'd like to learn more about The Cottage Schools in Gladstone and Bernardsville, New Jersey, hop on over to Roxy's Best Of... Bernardsville to find the press release in its entirety.
All the best,