Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roxy Plagued by Annoying Phone Calls from "the Police"

Somehow I feel certain that the caller who bombards my Do Not Call registered home with his annoying phone calls, demanding to speak with Rex and mumbling something about donations to the Benevolent Policemen's Athletic Retirement Fund Scam, looks nothing like the hot cop in the photo to your left. He always refuses to send any information about his "charity" in the mail, and claims to be "exempt" from the Do Not Call registry. I've stopped answering the phone when I see the number on my CallerID, but I also note that sometimes the number dials our home as many as 10 times in a day.

While we've been vacationing at our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, I found a new web site called that allows people like me to easily find and share information about phone numbers used by harassing telemarketers and otherwise annoying callers. When we get back up north, I'm going to search the web site for user-submitted reports on the phone number that has been troubling us to find out whether they're bothering others, why they claim to be calling, and who is actually making the calls from that phone number.

While I like to support our local police department and Roxiticus Valley area charities, I no longer listen to telephone solicitors, and request that they mail out further information about their charity to help me to make an informed decision.


Ferd said...

At first I thought maybe you had a stalker. That would be scary. But you said he asks for Rex. And I'm guessing Rex does NOT have a guy stalker. That would be WAY more than scary! ; )

I bet the local police would like to know there is someone out there impersonating them. Maybe they'd be pissed enough to do some of your dirty work in snooping the guy out.

How was Bay's Head? Probably you're still there, until tomorrow. Well, I hope your weather is good, and that everyone is having a great time!

Mariuca said...

Oh that's true Roxy! It's irritating to get unwanted calls repeatedly, hope he'll get the hint soon!

Am on a special b'day BOTB tonight, if ya know what I mean? ;)

Chris said...

I have 2 phone lines so when these turkeys call I conference them in with our local PD. The Lt who answers the phone at the police desk politely asks the "officer" to identify himself and is greeted with a quick click as the imposter hangs up.