Sunday, August 17, 2008

Horsing Around with Land Rover


Just as I was not planning to be in the market for a new computer but ended up with one anyway, Rex and I were not really planning to be in the market for a new SUV. However, our Jeep lease is ending on Halloween, and Jeep has decided to discontinue leases, only selling their new vehicles from now on. So Rex and I have started to shop around for an SUV that we can lease and return after three years instead of owning it forever. I'm guessing it's a "guy thing," but I don't really pay much attention to other people's vehicles, and Rex does. I'm therefore a bit behind the curve when it comes to choosing a new one, and Rex has been good about pointing out the other SUVs he thinks we should consider when he sees one on the road...zooming past us on the Garden State Parkway, parked on the street in Bay Head, etc.

On the other hand, I spend much more time than Rex does out and about in the blogosphere, and I came across this funny video that features Zara Phillips, the first British royal in direct line to the throne to appear in an advertisement, Horsing Around as the new face Land Rover. Click on the video below to laugh with me as Zara leads her horse from its trailer near a soccer field, heating up some footballers, including one "Jack the Lad" who tries on some terrible one liners and gets more than he bargained for from both Zara and her horse.

We'll see if I have that much fun showing off my new ride...

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