Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mariuca!!

It's midnight on Friday here at the beach in Bay Head, and that means that we can officially celebrate our best blogosphere buddy Mariuca's birthday, though I bet the party is well underway across the world. Of course, it's always the right time to stop by Mariuca's blog and leave her a gift or a birthday greeting!

London, Maddie and I baked the Genie Princess a sandcastle cake, but we didn't know how many candles we should use. Make a wish, Mariuca!!


Retarius said...

MMMmmmm...a sandcastle cake! But How did you make it? It looks like a pastry. Can I have the recipe?

Gardening Tips said...

Hey happy birthday..... wow such a nice cake ... can i have a piece of sandcastle cake ;) . Well in my opinion you should use 4 candles at four sides of the cake. Anyhow Enjoy.

bonoriau said...

Happy Birthday Marzie..I wish I can bake special cake for you...emmm somebody want your sandcastle cake!!!

LadyJava said...

Wow.. that looks fantastic Roxy!! I'm GP would be thrilled with so many cake.. you guessed it.. I made Mug Cake..lolzz!!

Oh by way, it's my turn today to tap into the neighbour's wifi today.. yihaa.. blogging from my Singapore... how awesome!!

Happy Weekend Roxy.. and Happy Birthday GP!!!

Mariuca said...

Oh my oh my!!! What a beautiful sandcastle cake!! THANK YOU Roxy, Maddie and London, GP is so touched and happy to receive this cake. It looks perfect to me and I love the seashells on the side! You guys are the best! *BIGS HUGS AND LOVE*

Ferd said...

That was a really cute cake! What a fun thing to do with the kids! They'll be little bloggers before you know it.
I don't know Mariuca, though I have done her Genie meme.
I think I'll go over there and wish her a belated happy BD.