Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not to Be Outdone at Mendham Township Elementary School's Incredible Kid Day....Rex's Letter to London

London, my love, you’ve been one perfect girl these past seven (7) years; yes, in spite of having no hair until you were two (2), that beautiful blonde head now is so attractive either long or in a pony-tail. I just love that hair when you put it up so you can dance or do cartwheels.

You’re incredibly athletic in your ballet routines, on the tennis court and on the Tarzan rope… and you’re swimming very well now, which should make you an avid boogie-boarder at the beach in Bay Head before too long.

Now how did you become such an incredible reader? I’m always amazed at how much you love picking up almost any book and reading and reading and reading…must be because Mommy has been reading to you from the day you were born. And thank you for being such a perfect sister to Maddie, she loves you so much and wants to be doing all the things you like to do (and to do them with you).

You have “grabbed a hold of” school so well that when I put you on the bus every morning I just know you’re going to have a great day. You’re purposeful about it, you try very hard to get a lot out of Mrs. Brown’s class and all your specials, and yes, recess is part of the day as well! I get so much joy when I meet you coming off the bus and you skip merrily down the driveway just showing off what a great school day it was.

London, my love, you are unique, and you are INCREDIBLE.

Love, Dad


Mariuca said...

Hey Roxy, I'm here! I just love ur 3-digit battles, keep them coming! Good luck tonight. ;)

Wally Banners said...

LOL Roxie is bleeding credits casue she PWNS the blogging world!!**runs away with ballot box and stuffs it with 1000's of votes for Roxie**

Jackie said...

Hey Roxy,
Just dropping in to say hi. And I still am not approved.

If I have time tomorrow I am going to contact them.

Today I didn't get a decent signal until just late tonight.

So I am way behind on everything!!:-)

Mariuca said...

Good afternoon! It's lunch time now and I'm just starting my EC round with Mariuca. Enjoy ur night Roxy, u asleep already or still roaming the Blogstreet? ;)

Eric S. said...

Hey Roxy, beautiful post. I also read to mine from the first day. She was reading before she even started school. I miss those days.

Thanks for the drop

Unknown said...

Hello Roxy, hopped, dropped and voted for you! All the best! :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Just saw that the two of us got defeated in the last battle, and lying side-by-side in the 'ward'. LOL!

Unknown said...

Wow, voted again for you. Good luck! :)