Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fun Things To Do, with or without Kids, Over the Holiday Break

This morning Maddie happily pointed out that even though Christmas is past, we still have nine days left in our holiday break. While I've been impressed with some of the local activities my friends have come up with to fill the days (one family visited Liberty Science Center, and Maddie was invited out for a movie date this afternoon), I'm really looking for a project that we can do as a family without necessarily leaving the house. Here are three things we're likely to try in the coming week:

  • Melissa over on Your Fun Family shared a neat Time Capsule project that would make a great annual New Year's tradition for our family: Get your kids together and talk about the past year. Have them discuss what they will remember the most. Then they can decide what to add to the time capsule. I like the idea of having the kids write a kind of diary entry about the year. Then they can write their name on an envelope and seal it shut. When everything is in the time capsule you can decorate it and label it with the date. Put it away in a safe place until you are ready to open it. Your family can then decide how long to wait to open them. If you make a new one each year, you will also have one to open every year after the chosen amount of years has passed. When I was a kid, I participated in a town-wide bicentennial (1976) time capsule project where they waited 20 years to open the capsules. Even though my parents still lived in town in 1996, I never heard about a grand opening of the time capsules, so I suspect 20 years is way too long to wait... even if our family chose five years, London would be almost 13 and Maddie would be almost 12 by the time we opened them. Maybe three years? What do you think?
  • My blogosphere buddy Shelly, a.k.a. The Mom With Brownies, has made a list of 100 things she wants to do in her life before she dies. I think it's incredibly ambitious just to list them all out, never mind getting after them... but I may just be inspired to start my list, and if I do you'll find it here.
  • Third on my agenda is to make our family's New Year's Resolutions. We do it every year, and some years we remain more committed to our goals than others. This year, I'd like to start up a Blogosphere Buddies Resolution Support Group here at Roxiticus Desperate Housewives, where we all share our goals and objectives for the New Year, and help each other to stick to 'em. Whaddya think?


Erik said...

I wish the Mom with Brownies could fax me some warm ones! You got my BOB vote once again.

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! Thanks for visiting me today. I just got up from my cat nap and will have dinner shortly, it's Wendy's tonight. :):):)

Mariuca said...

WOW another 9 more days of just chilling out and enjoying the holiday goodies, you're so lucky! Enjoy the rest of ur break, do u have any NY plans yet?

Mariuca said...

Oh yeah! RDH is at Mariuca today, thanks so much! :):):)