Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Roxy's Unusual and Inexpensive Gift Idea: Eyeglass Frames for the Holidays

The retail results for holiday shopping on Black Friday 2008 and over the rest of the long Thanksgiving weekend were stronger than Wall Street expected, but I know that back on Main Street, we're all trying to find ways to save on our holiday gift budget. It's nothing new for many families, particularly those with lots of cousins and grandchildren, but this year for the first time, we're going to try a Secret Santa approach to our extended family's holiday gift giving.

Another idea for holiday savings involves thinking out of the box to come up with an unusual, practical yet fashionable, and inexpensive gift idea: Holiday frames from Zenni Optical for mom, dad, brothers, sisters, kids -- whoever wears eyeglasses on your holiday shopping list. I've posted here before about how affordable Zenni frames are, and my eyeglass-wearing commentators have come back again and again to mention Zenni's high quality. Right now, you can check out their extensive selection of holiday frames online, including the little beauties with the flower print shown in the image above left. The price for the stainless steel full-rim frame with flower printed temples -- lens and frame -- is only $29.95. That's a pretty impressive holiday gift for someone who could use a new and/or extra pair of glasses and is even within our family's $30 Secret Santa limit.

Happy shopping!


Jason said...

Now those are some sexy librarian frames!

Laurie said...

I've been on their site many times, and have never seen those. They are really cute!