Monday, December 01, 2008

Roxy Tests Out NEO Shifters Resistance... Where Are London and Maddie When I Need Them??

Rex's mom (also known as Grammy) recently discovered my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog and my Roxy's Best Of... WordPress MU Community. She enjoys the local Mendham, Bernardsville, and Morris County, New Jersey color, but complains that she "just doesn't get what's going on with the rest of it, particularly that stuff on the sides." Grammy also frequently laments how technologically advanced her grandchildren are compared to her, and the way things have changed since she was growing up.

This afternoon, I understand exactly how Grammy feels. I'm trying to do a little online holiday shopping for London and Maddie, testing out some online communities and video games like NEO Shifters. You can see from the screen shot on the left that I'm all set to test out the free trial version, choosing a side from the destructive Templars or the noble Paladins, and preparing for battle by loading up on weapons. Times are dire as these two factions clash to seize ultimate power and control of the entire planet.

London and Maddie are back at school today after a nice long, relaxing Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, I need them here to determine whether it makes sense to purchase NEO Shifters VIP status with additional features and greater experiences as a holiday gift for the girls. London and Maddie are the ones who can really make things happen online. They have their Nintendo DS systems for long car rides, and can get to the advanced levels of Super Mario Brothers. My girls would quickly be able to customize their online characters by picking combat class, masks, colors and a name that makes each of them stand out. While London and Maddie are better ballerinas than soldies in real life, when they get into an online activity they would be ready to battle to the bitter or glorious end. Just like they do with their Webkinz, London and Maddie would know how to buy weapons, armor and gadgets to pump up their power, decorate their bunkers and gain greater notoriety on the battlefield. I can picture them collecting webcodes to unlock more powerful weapons and skills, training to polish their precision, resistance and speed and improving their prowess in battle.

If you've got kids who might enjoy NEO Shifters, let's take this mission on the road... kids can play individually or in gangs, chatting online with legions of other virtual soldiers... so why not register your kids, take the free trial, and leave a comment here with their screen names so that London and Maddie can play along (and battle it out) with your family?