Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Greatest Gift: Please Help Win a C'Elle Kit for Melissa and Her Baby Girl To Be

Today's the day that Rex's family joins us to celebrate Christmas with a fresh ham for fifteen guests. If you're looking for a great holiday meal for New Year's Eve/Day, I'll be posting photos and recipes tomorrow.

Having all of our family gathered around us for the holidays has me thinking about special gifts, the kind that have meaning that lasts for years, even a lifetime. The greatest gift I have ever received was the birth of my two daughters, so I guess you'd call London and Maddie the amazing gift I've been lucky enough to receive twice in one lifetime. As I was enjoying the children's pageant at Hilltop Presbyterian Church on Christmas Eve, I started thinking back to a time a few weeks after London was born when I went to my parents' church on a Sunday morning and just sat there listening to the sermon, holding London in my arms, with tears of joy and gratitude running down my cheeks.

This Christmas, after London and Maddie unwrapped their drum set from Santa, we spent the day at my mom's house, then headed over to my friend Melissa's parents' house for another annual tradition: Christmas dessert. This year, there were so many reasons to celebrate. Melissa's almost three year old son has turned into a real little person, and London and Maddie enjoyed playing with him and his Hot Wheels from Santa. And Melissa had exciting news, too... after almost three years of challenging procedures and heartache, she's having another baby... and it's a girl! I was happy for Melissa when her son was born, but there's something about a girl that just tugs at my heart... I've got so many beautiful girly girl dresses to hand down from London and Maddie's baby and toddler collection.

When London and Maddie were born, Rex and I took advantage of medical technology that allowed us to "bank" the stem cells from their umbilical cord blood. Stem cells have demonstrated the ability to differentiate into other cell types such as heart muscle, cartilage, nerve and bone stem cells. This capability translates into the potential for future therapeutic developments that may treat major diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Today, you don't even have to have a baby to benefit from advances in medical science. C'Elle's exclusive and revolutionary stem cell technology empowers women to safely and easily collect non-controversial, potentially life-saving stem cells found in menstrual blood. These monthly stem cells are a 100% match for the female donor and may also match her first degree relatives. Invest in yourself and your family today for tomorrow's healthcare. It seems a small price to pay to be able to help yourself or a family member in the future. Right now, you can receive a free gift just for talking to a representative.

CONTEST ALERT!! Here's how you can help me with a special gift for my pregnant friend, Melissa (and it won't cost you anything or take more than a minute of your time):
C'Elle is running a contest that I have entered through this post. The blogger that generates the most comments (only two comments per reader are eligible towards my total) will receive a free C'elle collection kit worth $699. Now, you know I appreciate your comments on an ordinary day, and today your comments will help me to win a terrific gift for my friend, Melissa. So, don't be shy... let me hear your thoughts... Do you have children? Did you bank your cord blood when your babies were delivered? What was the greatest gift you ever received... or gave to someone else?



Amy Lilley Designs said...

Hey son has Juvenile Diabetes..I don't know if banking my cord blood would have made a difference in his diagnosis...but I do know that stem cell research is real and can cure many chronic diseases. I pray all the best to your friend Melissa and her soon to be BABY!! What a dear, dear fined you are...blessings...


Rambler said...

Cool idea, Roxy! I'll throw a comment your way to help your cause. My own post has no chance of winning and I don't even know who I'd pass the prize off to if I did win.

I hope you come out on top and your friend Melissa is lucky to have you!

spicybugz said...

This is a wonderful idea

Jose said...

Hey what an array of good ideas to do things as a family. That's why I love your blog. It's cool that your are trying to win for your friend,you get my vote or comment or both. Glad to hear you had a Merry Christmas.

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I like this idea.....