Sunday, March 16, 2008

Staying Healthy and 75 Pounds Lighter Than Rex

I read a blog post the other day where the lady writer said her husband was seven (7) pounds heavier than she was and it reminded me of my goal to always be seventy-five (75) pounds lighter than Rex. Actually, in the good old days before children and before Rex started seeing a nutritionist and working out daily, I had hoped to stay 100 pounds lighter. Rex feels great, looks hot and even has "six-pack" abs now, and I'll have to settle for staying 75 pounds lighter and having a six-pack in the fridge...that's my form of Body Balance.

Speaking of the fridge, it seems that every time I open the refrigerator door, I find a new supplement or remedy that Rex has brought home from the nutritionist. There were some magic crystals that reduced his appetite so much that I was the only one reaching for second portions. I caught Lynette checking out Rex's six-pack and asking about the magic crystals, hoping she could go from size zero to, what, negative two?

Rex has achieved his goals -- weight loss, lower blood pressure, stabilized blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, and a stronger immune system -- through a combination of diet, exercise (remind me to tell you about "sprints"), and the foods and nutrients his nutritionist recommends. I know I blogged about the awful cold I had back in February....I still haven't gotten over it enough to work out at all, while Rex is strong and healthy as a horse. Maybe I should take a hint from my husband and everyone else who keeps telling me to take my vitamins to stay healthy, which apparently work better in liquid form for better absorbability and body balance. Of course, the more liquid supplements in the fridge, the less room I have for beer....