Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Picture of Kristen

Rex found this picture of Kristen for you, courtesy of the New York Post, Page Six.

While we've all been searching for a picture of "Kristen," all indications are that the Pay4LuvGuv appreciated the refinements of many of the young ladies featured at the Emperors' Club. Spitzer's ties with his current vendor began eight months ago, but a character reference during his tenure as attorney general said he was a good tipper at least two years back. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a copy of today's New York Post out here in the Roxiticus Valley (sold out?) to add additional Spitzer smut to my blog, but online Post sources say Spitzer "was hopping into bed with harlots for as long as 10 years and traveled as far as Florida for call-girl trysts."

Update: has posted a link to Kristen's MySpace page, where of course it turns out she is a Jersey Girl like me, but has lots more friends (1804 and counting) than I do (14 and counting).

The New York Times has done a nice job tracking down "Kristen," whose real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupré. Here's another picture of Kristen, where she looks more like a cute Jersey girl (from Belmar, NJ) than a high priced call girl.

She told the Times that she's been worried about paying the rent for her ninth floor Flatiron district apartment....we'll wish her well in writing a book about Client Number Nine.


--josh-- said...

Turns out that isn't really her in the ad... but that's her MySpace page, which I like, because all her friends... are whores.