Monday, March 31, 2008


I just joined'll see the EntreCard Blog of the Day in my sidebar. EntreCard does two things for me.

  1. EntreCard drives traffic to my blog
  2. EntreCard is fun -- it gives me a whole new set of blogs to read and enjoy. While I have my favorites on BlogExplosion, it starts to feel "same old, same old" and the EntreCard experience is refreshing....and addicting.

Oh, and a note to our visitors from BlogExplosion -- the two are totally compatible. You can "drop" your EntreCard while surfing via BlogExplosion, voting for me in Battle of the Blogs, or zooming in on a Blog Rocket. More bang for the buck!


Mariuca said...

I've been wondering abt this Entrecard, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the post and Happy weekend! :)