Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mesmerized by Bloggers...

After catching my umpteenth really bad cold of the season, I took to my couch all day on Wednesday and spent the day cuddled up with Miami Vice and BlogExplosion. I was embarrassingly mesmerized by what I found. After joining Smorty, a site where you get paid to blog, I actually came across a casually written post on an otherwise ordinary mom-blog about how it seemed quite common to her that single men of a certain age might want to use a Russian marriage agency (embedded advertising link on her site, but not on mine) to find a wife!!

Since the last time I spent any significant time surfing blogs (Summer 2005), the number of blogs seems to have multiplied like crazy, but the content also seems to have improved. There are a lot of writers out there with various passions:

And there are lots and lots of random thoughts that can be entertaining for the 30 seconds BlogExplosion requires us to spend on each blog to earn our traffic credits.

The negative is that it seems there are lots more people who are just trying to make money with their blogs rather telling me stories. I had been hoping to find more blogs that read like diaries but, not surprisingly, people seem to want to keep their diaries under lock and key. I tried LiveJournal but found that most users, even or especially high school and college kids, only allowed friends to access their diaries.

I have also been impressed with other bloggers' photos, and added a Roxiticus Sunset to the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives site. More to come, including one of the Cake Lady's specialties.
But I also have a real job to get back to when I get over this cold, and I have to wonder how bloggers find the time to maintain their blogs.


Unknown said...

blog explosion is wonderful isn't it? It opened my eyes to what else is out there. What is on people's minds. Good stuff. You have a ton of great ideas, and I'd love to have you collaborate on my blog someday. If you are ever interested, let me know.