Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Tar Heels!

This one's for Brent.....
Due to a bizarre trip home from The Little Mermaid on Saturday night, the bizarre being caused by power outages that shut down train service, I ended up watching the UNC-Duke game on Saturday night at the bar at the Hyatt Headquarters Plaza in Morristown. We headed home when the score was something like 65-58, and therefore missed the last five minutes where Duke didn't score at all. When we got home, the power was out until after 3pm on Sunday, so we missed a lot of good basketball.
Anyway, Brent assures me that this outcome ensures the Tar Heels will start the NCAA tournament in North Carolina instead of traveling.
The ACC tournament starts on Thursday, March 13th, but both UNC and Duke drew a bye for the first round and would not face each other until the championship at 1pm on Sunday, March 16th. Go Tar Heels!