Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Madness: Bracket Busted? Second Chance Contests

Friday's four big upsets in Tampa made NCAA history and busted everyone's perfect brackets. It was a great day of basketball, but not such a great day if you had hoped to make an easy $$ million. So the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives are going to get back to work and find the best March Madness Bracket Buster Second Chance contests.

  • AOL launched their Second Chance Sweet Sixteen Contest on Monday, March 24th. I just went there to fill in my new brackets and noted that "there is no prizing in AOL 2008 Second Chance Challenge." At AOL, we'd be in it for the pride, not the skip down like I did to the Yahoo! contest....while the odds of winning may be one in a bajillion, there's still a million bucks at stake!

  • Yahoo! will let you register for their Second Chance Bracket Contest right now (to make you feel better about your busted bracket), but you can't start to fill in your Sweet Sixteen bracket until all of the teams are determined on Monday, March 24th. I should mention in bold that Yahoo appears to be offering one million dollars in their Second Chance contest!! The eligible Entrant that correctly identifies all of the following will be declared the $1 million Grand Prize winner: (1) the winning team for each of the 15 Final Games; (2) the Total Half-Time Score of the Championship Game; and 3) the Final Score for each team playing in the Championship Game. In the event no Entrant correctly identifies each of the foregoing (i.e., the correct winning teams for all fifteen (15) of the Final Games as well as the Total Half-Time Score and the Final Scores for each team of the Championship Game), the Grand Prize will not be awarded. Seems like better odds than the "one in a quintillion" quoted for a perfect bracket starting with 64 teams....

  • CBS continues to offer huge cash prizes like $500 and $750 in its Round by Round Brackets contest. That's about as exciting as a fleece vest from John McCain.

I should probably clarify that I have only listed contests that are free, free, free, with no strings attached. If you're open to giving up bank account & credit card information, making a deposit for your online gambling future, and receiving a lifetime supply of bikini girl calendars, Vegas Watch has compiled another list of March Madness contests, as well as a fascinating analysis of the odds of a perfect bracket....roughly 1 in 7.2 trillion. Maybe I should focus on New Jersey's MegaMillions jackpot instead.


--josh-- said...

my God! There's posts here! Lots and lots and lots of posts! I'm going to have to carve out some time, fill the bubble bath, and ease on in. Its like an orgy of postitude.

As to why I had nothing to say about forty-three-hundred-dollar-pussygate, it's like this. A guy named Spitzer gets caught with his pants down? Too easy.

Antonette said...

Good Luck to you too! Thanks for being such a good sport about it and commenting on my blog.

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Wally Banners said...

A Hottie that likes basketball? is this possible? lol great blog ty for stopping by mine lol. You got my BOB Vote!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Thank you so much! You rock!