Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness: Big East Update

By now you know that Villanova crushed Syracuse by 19 points, 82-63, in one of the most awful games I've seen in some time, neither team playing particularly well. I could have had more fun watching the re-cap of Eliot Spitzer's resignation....over and over. Or not. Villanova moves on to face Georgetown in the Big East quarterfinals tomorrow at noon on ESPN.

As expected, West Virginia beat Providence, 58-53, and faces UConn in the quarterfinals tomorrow at 2:30pm on ESPN. Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati, 70-64, and takes on Louisville in the quarterfinals tomorrow at 7pm on ESPN.

At bedtime with just under 8 minutes to go in the half, Seton Hall is leading Marquette by one, 21-20. The winner will face Notre Dame around bedtime tomorrow.