Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Best of Mendham, NJ

My "best of" directory for the Mendham-Bernardsville-Chester-Far Hills- Peapack-Gladstone-Morris County area:

Official Mendham Township web site: (includes important stuff like the recycling calendar: and the Mendham Township recreation department activities:

Official Mendham Borough web site:

While I couldn't convince my kids to go out for basketball this year, the Mendham Patriots have an excellent program of clinics (Kindergarten through 4th Grade), recreational league and travel team (4th through 8th grade):

Mendham Junior Women's Club:

Mendham Township schools web site: -- includes important stuff like the monthly lunch menu, upcoming school events, and the awesome, school-run Pathways to Learning summer camp.

For 28 years, Chester Schools have been known for their annual science fair. This year, Mendham Township Elementary School is introducing its own Family Science Expo on May 1st. I will post a link to the school web site as soon as more information is available. For now, I have created a post on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives with all the relevant details:

Mendham High School web site:

Current weather forecast for Mendham, NJ:

Statistical information about Mendham, NJ:

Mendham Township Education Foundation, link to web site:


Sammy's Ye Olde Cider Mill in Mendham NJ: or click here for the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives review of Sammy's.

Black Horse Tavern in Mendham NJ:

Kid Stuff:
There's not a lot of kid stuff right in town in Mendham, NJ, but my older daughter just had a great time with her Brownie troop at Pastime Bowling Lanes in Mendham, NJ. It is a cute little place, with only four lanes. One of our friends has planned her daughter's birthday party there in April, so I will report back on Pastime Lanes as a kid party venue.


RSH said...

I have a tip for anyone who lives in town and either has kids in sports or who partakes themselves.

Rob Mason, the owner of Firm Boyd Fitness in the Jockey Hollow office complex practices a form of therapy called ART, that is the most amazing thing I've ever come across. With 3 kids involved in sports and having had more than my fair share of injuries myself, we've seen more physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, neurologists, orthopedists, etc. than you can imagine.

This past spring, my daughter was literally in physical therapy 2-3 times/week from February thru May for a strained Achilles and then pulled quad and hip flex muscles. It would always be just enough to make her feel good enough for a game or meet, but then afterwards she'd be in terrible pain again. Half the time at games I would be holding my breath that she wouldn't do anything terrible that would affect her pending athletic scholarship with Loyola.

Then her HS lacrosse team made it to State playoffs and after the quarterfinals, she was literally limping and crying as she came off the field. I was going to pull her for the last couple of games, but an old coach of hers was watching and offered that the owner/personal trainer at the gym where she worked would do a session of therapy on her for free as a favor.

It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Her thigh was so sore, I couldn't even rest my hand on it without her jumping. This guy used his thumb and pressed so hard on her quad in several places it left bruises in the shape of his thumb. Her back was arched and there were tears in her eyes, but then he did this stretching with her strapped to a table that had her leg going in directions I never knew it could. She literally walked out of there and had no pain. She has seen him a couple times more just before games and each time comes out stronger and faster. He accomplished more in just a few sessions than four months of intense physical therapy did.

I told him he's a witch doctor, but I'm singing his praises to anyone who will listen.