Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Test Your Sex Trivia Skills with More Historic Sex Scandals

Brent will name the man involved in the scandal and you must match it with one of the partners below:

  1. Gary Hart (Democrat, Senator and would-be Presidential Candidate)
  2. James McGreevey (Democrat, Governor of New Jersey)
  3. Mark Foley (Republican, Representative from Florida)
  4. Henry Hyde (Republican, Representative from Illionois)
  5. Wilbur Mills (Democrat, Representative from Arkansas)
  6. Kwame Kilpatrick (Democrat, Mayor of Detroit)
  7. Gary Condit (Democrat, Representative from California)
  8. Wayne Hays (Democrat, Representative from Ohio)
  9. Larry Craig (Republican, Senator from Idaho)
  10. Bill Clinton (Democrat, President)


  1. Congressional pages (boys)
  2. Redhaired police officer (hint: "we're out of toilet paper, here")
  3. Elizabeth Ray
  4. Christine Beatty
  5. Chandra Levy
  6. Donna Rice (hint: Monkey Business)
  7. Golan Cipel
  8. Cherie Snodgrass
  9. Fanne Foxe
  10. Ah, so many different choices.....