Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Trip to Mendham Books

My older daughter asked for nothing but books for her birthday back in January, so we had several gift cards for Mendham Books. We went there on Saturday after the Mendham Juniors Easter Egg Hunt and came back with an amazing number of good books for both girls.

My kindergartner is past the three-letter-word books (like The Bob Books, which I highly recommend for pre-schoolers) and is on the verge of reading chapter books like her older sister, but not we found several easy reader chapter books that I will post here soon.

The books my girls like to read (or have read to them) are an interesting combination of old favorites from my childhood (e.g., Charlotte's Web, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing), new stories from my old favorite writers (e.g., the Amber Brown series by Paula Danziger), and new stories from new writers (e.g., Junie B. Jones).

FYI on Mendham Books....they do not appear to have their own web site, but Mendham Books is located in the Kings shopping center. Mendham Books Phone is 973-543-4949.