Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Candy's Wedding

I don't think I blogged much about Candy's wedding back in November, or even during the time leading up to it, but the subject came up on Easter Sunday when we shared all of our wedding photos with Grandmom.

Some of my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers may remember how upset I was when Candy retracted her invitation to my little girls to be flower girls at her wedding. Brent and Fitz (who weren't even invited!) certainly got an earful. The excuse Candy gave us for her dear cousins' demotion from flower girls to just plain guests was that, because money was tight, there would be no bridal party other than her sister and Tad's siblings. Absolutely no flower girls or ring bearers. Then we all received her Contemporary Wedding Invitations noting the happy couple's wedding web site, where we found pictures of the hideous flower girl and ring bearers to be! I was so angry I tried to post a link to "Junie B. Jones: Almost a Flower Girl" on the wedding site, but the wedding site adminstrator never approved my comment...imagine that. What I think happened was that Tad's family offered to pay for the wedding as long as only members of Tad's family were front and center in the wedding party. As several of my friends have commented, "If those were the terms of my engagement, I would RUN in the opposite direction!" There is just something so wrong about lying to children, especially when they were going to be eyewitnesses to the flower girl and ring bearers at the wedding.

I might have suggested that Candy and Tad design their own 1st Class Wedding Invitations. There's a site that makes it easy to customize the style, colors and message. There are beach/ocean, florals, destination, cherubs, castle and fairytale themes... I'm sure there'd even be a way for Candy and Tad to highlight their betrayal. Instead, I just bought my Spanx and a gorgeous feathery flapper style dress, found stunning dresses for my beautiful non-flower-girls, and set out to have a good time.

In the end, Candy's wedding was lovely, the girls had a good time out on the dance floor at the reception, and I learned that my children don't hold a grudge the way their mom does. But Grandmom wondered why we had no pictures of the bridal party for her wedding album.


--josh-- said...

Since you actually did not blog at all in 2007, even your most loyal readers missed the commentary on Tad and Candy's (is that their real names?) wedding.

RoxiticusDH said...

Some of my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers were around to hear it in person. I'm sure they quickly grew tired of it.