Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I Signed Up for PPP!

As you can see from the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives archives, I started blogging in the Summer of 2005. I was inspired to start blogging by an unpleasant exchange between Helaine Olen and her former nanny, "Tessy." Helaine Olen's article "The New Nanny Diaries Are Online" appeared in the Styles section of the July 17, 2005 Sunday New York Times. Her former nanny, Tessy, countered with a well-written rebuttal blog post for all of the NYTimes readers who came looking on the blogosphere for nannies gone wild. As a full-time working mom who has employed nannies over many years, I was intrigued with both women's perspectives. Irrespective of any unfortunate connection to Olen, Tessy's blogs were interesting and very well written. Sadly, Tessy deleted her original blog as well as a follow-on that appeared after she moved from NYC to Charlottesville for grad school. I continue to look for blogs like hers that tell a story....if you have one, please post a comment below so I can stop by and visit.

Anyway, back then I had the notion that my neighbors were at least as interesting as the women who showed up every Sunday night on ABC, and I began to write about the Roxiticus Desperate Housewives. However, I took about two years off when a fellow blogger was mean to me.

I started back in earnest at the beginnning of this year and have been having a lot of fun writing as well as reading lots of other people's blogs (unlike several former governors I know, I'm down with OPB). A few weeks ago, I joined payperpost when I kept running into their disclosure images (cute little pink, purple, or blue tiny URLs like the one at the end of this post) on the pages I visited through BlogExplosion. Thanks to my diligent work to create some exciting new content for you loyal readers on a regular basis, they have approved Roxiticus Desperate Housewives.

As the name implies, PayPerPost will pay me (or you, if you click on the link below or at the very very very bottom of this page and sign up with PPP) to write about all sorts of opportunities, basically other web sites that are looking for attention and traffic. While there are other similar services in the blogosphere, I like PayPerPost because they let me, as a blogger, choose from the opportunities for which my blog qualifies and write about them. If it all works out, I'll make lots of money and PayPerPost will keep the funds coming well into my retirement years.