Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cool Birthday Present

My younger daughter received a really cool birthday present at her party this weekend, an arts and crafts kit called "Princess Sticky Mosaics." The basic idea is that your budding artist applies self-adhesive tiles to create non-Disney princess scenes to hang on the wall. The kit is perfectly age appropriate, allegedly for ages 6 to 99, but I hope they've taken into account the mother's level of this case, none. Luckily, both of my girls seem to have lots more artistic talent than either of their parents.

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the types of art projects we could create with glass tile. Ever since we moved to the Roxiticus Valley, I've been thinking about working with a professional to design a mural for each of the girls' rooms. Of course, over the past four years my girls have outgrown the princess murals we originally had in mind, but I'm thinking I could give each girl one wall and let them go wild. While pre-mounted glass tile mosaic murals like the ones online at can be quite expensive (an ocean oriented Nemo looking mural runs as high as $1700), individual square feet of tile such as the Urban Collection can be mixed and matched for as little as $9 each.

Giorbello has a reseller locater to find resellers of glass tile in your local area....I'm betting I can find someone in or near the Roxiticus Valley to help me create a really awesome design. However, I'm going to start small. We're going to work on the Princess Sticky Mosaics project next weekend after the Easter Egg Hunt...I will keep you up to date.