Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Crazy AOL Straw Poll: McCain 57% Obama 42% with 44 Red States

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Has anyone else noticed and/or voted in the AOL Straw Poll? Unlike every other Presidential election poll I've read about in the past days, this poll has two fundamental differences:
  • A sample size of about 250,000 people and rising vs. sample sizes around 1,200; and
  • McCain winning by a landslide, with 57% of the popular vote and 44 out of 50 states

As my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers know, I'm not a political blogger and keep my quiet fiscal Republican views pretty much to myself. However, I do read the headlines, as well as many different political blogs (and political posts on non-political blogs) as I surf the blogosphere via BlogExplosion and EntreCard, and this poll is the only "evidence" I've seen that anyone thinks the Repubicans are going to win the election.
What's it all about? Is it possible that the majority of Barack Obama's supporters are unable to vote in the AOL Straw Poll because they won't have computers or Internet access until Obama redistributes the technology of the wealthy?


anti gravity chair said...

I have not seen this poll before, but I truly believe it will be closer than the polls that we are seeing on the news.
Too many people feel too strong this time and luckily this means more people are using their voice to vote, but they are not being represented in these polls well.

Michael Cruse said...

The AOL poll cannot be relied on as it is not qualified or controlled. I wish it otherwise, but I am not sure the Republicans are going to pull a miracle out of this election...hold on to your wallets tightly, change is on its way...



This AOL straw poll you mention - and which I had not heard of before - seems to completely contradict the polls of everyone else. Having run a poll myself, I compared the others today and they all put Obama in the lead. Have a look here: