Friday, November 21, 2008

Roxy’s Mail Call: Where to Celebrate When Your Kids Have Already Done It All

Dear Roxy,

I was wondering if you could help me with some suggestions. I am in charge of planning the holiday party for the competitive gymnastics team at Randolph Gymnastics every year. So far we did bowling, ice skating, roller skating and swimming. I am running out of ideas! Do you have any suggestions? I know you work with places in the area. We have about 25 girls on the team, and their ages range from 5 to 13. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help,

Shannon, Randolph Gymnastics & Climbing Center

Dear Shannon,

I will give it some more thought, but it sounds like you've really done it all! A couple of ideas would be "crafty" rather than the more physical activities you've done in previous years -- Studio U in Chester has crafts for all ages, including "Mom's Night Out" parties; Cooks and Crafts in Flanders does both crafts and cooking. New York Pizza in Chester lets groups in to make (and eat) pizzas together.

My other notion would be to attend an event together -- PaperMill Playhouse in Millburn has the Nutcracker in late November/December, NJPAC also has special holiday shows, or the Mayo Center (Community Theatre) in Morristown is closer and has some performances geared towards kids/teens.

Libby Lu in the Rockaway Mall does hair,nails, and make-up, Hannah Montana style. You could rent out a local movie theatre like Clearview Cinemas in Chester, particularly if there's a new (or old) gymnastics oriented movie all the girls would enjoy.

Hope that helps!