Sunday, November 02, 2008

I May Have to Wake Rex Up for This One

Roxy's loyal readers know that a huge number of my posts, both here at Roxicus Desperate Housewives and particularly over at my Roxy's Best Of... local community web site (roxysbestof dot com), are focused on finding the best of everything for my family in New Jersey and coming soon to a local area near you: kid stuff (ballet, gymnastics, and tennis lessons as well as summer camp); restaurants, food and wine; personal, professional and home services; events and entertainment. When I travel with my family to vacation spots like Laguna Beach, California and Duck, North Carolina (the Outer Banks), I try to post the highlights of our trips for others to enjoy.

Tonight, however, I've been asked to discuss the worst place I've ever been... in the context of a new book coming out next month from Peter Greenberg, the Today Show's travel host. Greenberg's book is called Don't Go There and represents the precise opposite of Roxy's Best Of... it is a must-read directory of the places NOT to go.


I don't usually think of myself as over-enthusiastic about everything, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a truly awful destination. Sure, I've had terrible vacations, particularly in the time before Rex...when MoneyPenny insisted that we go to Montreal with two other mis-matched couples (Montreal is a terrific city, but the experience was a disappointment for me), or go to DisneyWorld in Florida two years in a row when we didn't have any kids (now that I have London and Maddie in my life, I enjoy the days spent in Disneyland as part of our California trips). I've had my share of bad meals and disappointing outings, but nothing really stand out as bad enough for Peter Greenberg's book. Do any of my readers have a truly bad destination they'd like to share?



hair irons said...

Really I try and make the best of every trip. Most everywhere has enough good qualities if you just have a positive attitude.
If I had to pick one place though it would be the 4 corners. I thought it was going to be more than what it turned out to be.

Mariuca said...

Roxy!!! Your BOTB comment came in at 9am!! Obviously GP was fast asleep then! Oh I sure hope u won, did you?

I'm def gonna enter my Teddy Bear in a BOTB tonight he he...lemme know if u decide to join another BOTB tonight, big or small! ;)

Mariuca said...

I've yet to have a terrible vacation destination, but I have plenty of restaurants to bitch about ha ha!! ;)

Mariuca said...

ALAKAZAM!! GP is here to save the day, good luck Roxy! :):):)

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